Telephone switchboard operators from the 1950's.

Demystifying DNS

DNS—or Domain Name System—is one of those geeky terms that usually flies above the heads of people who aren’t entrenched in the world of websites and the Internet. Mostly because, for the most part, it’s invisible. It’s one of those crucial pieces of Internet infrastructure that usually just works without you noticing it, let alone thinking […]

The latest security exploit, WannaCry, has been making a lot of news lately, but how does this potentially affect your website? Should you be worried?

If you thought the little green padlock was just for banks and ecommerce, think again. Here are some reasons every website should go HTTPS.

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and software updates. Do you keep your WordPress software up-to-date? Do you know how? In the third part of our blog series—Zen and the Art of Website Maintenance—we look at the importance of making sure your WordPress site is always running the latest, greatest versions.