Hello, Fall

Fall leaves

It’s been a wild, crazy, and busy summer here at Taupecat Studios HQ. Which is why, aside from a launch announcement, there’s been precious little traffic on the blog in the past couple of months. But we do have a few things to share about our summer and what’s coming up this fall.

Say Good-bye to Our Intern

We were fortunate this summer to have the services of our intern, Sam, who helped us with content migration, quality control, and site building. (Maybe there was a little nepotism involved in hiring him; he is my son, after all. But hey, it’s not like I’m president of the United States…) Alas, he has to head back to school today, and will be too busy with his homework (hear that, kid?) to help me much more. But I do thank him for all his help over the summer!


WordCamp D.C.

One of the highlights of the summer, undoubtedly, was helping organize the first WordCamp D.C. We had a great turnout of 450 attendees and terrific local speakers along with top WordPress experts from across the country (and one from Europe!). For all those who attended or spoke, a heartfelt thanks, and we’re looking forward to doing this all again next year.

Upcoming WordCamps

D.C. chose to hold its first WordCamp in the middle of summer, but with the arrival of fall, WordCamp season along the East Coast is kicking into high gear. I’ll be speaking about the new CSS Grid specification at WordCamp Philadelphia—October 28-29—and attending WordCamp Rochester (NY) November 18. Other upcoming WordCamps in the region are:

And of course, the big one—WordCamp U.S.—will be in Nashville, Tennessee on December 1-2. We’ll be there (I’ve applied to speak and am waiting to hear back).

3 of the "Tracys" of WordPress

Looking Ahead to Fall

Now that fall is here, it’s time to get back into the groove. We’ve got some more great work lined up for fall, and I spent part of my summer vacation thinking about what kind of blog posts would be truly of value to you, our audience.

Got something your curious about? Confused about WordPress or web technology but didn’t know where to ask? Let me know, and I’ll consider it as a future blog post.

Until then, if you have a WordPress or website need, get in touch! Let’s solve your website problems together.

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