Earlier this week, Elon Musk changed Twitter’s logo from its iconic bird to… an X. Not just any ol’ X, but Unicode character U+1D54F. It’s all—purportedly—part of his ongoing rebranding efforts to create an “everything” app, one central hub for communication, shopping, entertainment and more. How well (or not) this hub concept succeeds is the […]

Should clients be allowed to install plugins on their WordPress websites when they’re already working with a maintenance provider? On its face, this might seem a simple question, but it’s actually one that’s filled with nuance and “it depends…” type scenarios. This post was inspired by this tweet: My reply: (The way Pantheon locks down […]

Today I’m previewing a new video series on how to use the new Sass module system. The first video, on Tooling, is available on YouTube now. Subsequent videos on using the new module system and other recent improvements in Sass will be following in the coming weeks. Transcript Welcome. In this video, we’ll be setting […]

The recent Disney+ hack shines a light on brute force attack’s lesser known cousin: credential stuffing. What is it, and how can you protect yourself?