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Thank you for your interest in Taupecat Studios’ WordPress maintenance services. We take care of the mundane but crucial tasks necessary to keep your website performing its best so you can focus on your organization’s mission.

Please complete the following intake form so we can best accommodate your website’s needs.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Is this a WordPress Multisite installation?
WordPress Multisite websites are subject to an additional fee.
Open to switching hosting providers?
We reserve the right to not offer our maintenance plan to websites with certain poor-performing web hosting companies.
Does this site use premium plugins or themes?
Licenses for premium plugins and themes are the responsibility of the website owner. Taupecat Studios does not allow the use of any “nulled” premium plugin or theme on sites we maintain.
Does this site use custom plugins or themes?
Custom plugins and themes include work by prior developers that are unique to this website.
Do you have specific security concerns regarding your website?
If your website has been hacked or compromised in the past, we may need to employ additional security measures.
During the course of proper website maintenance, it is sometimes necessary to make changes to your website domain’s DNS. Taupecat Studios either needs access to make these changes or a technical contact at your organization to facilitate them.