Fall leaves

Hello, Fall

It’s been a wild, crazy, and busy summer here at Taupecat Studios HQ. Which is why, aside from a launch announcement, there’s been precious little traffic on the blog in the past couple of months. But we do have a few things to share about our summer and what’s coming up this fall.

Say Good-bye to Our Intern

We were fortunate this summer to have the services of our intern, Sam, who helped us with content migration, quality control, and site building. (Maybe there was a little nepotism involved in hiring him; he is my son, after all. But hey, it’s not like I’m president of the United States…) Alas, he has to head back to school today, and will be too busy with his homework (hear that, kid?) to help me much more. But I do thank him for all his help over the summer!


WordCamp D.C.

One of the highlights of the summer, undoubtedly, was helping organize the first WordCamp D.C. We had a great turnout of 450 attendees and terrific local speakers along with top WordPress experts from across the country (and one from Europe!). For all those who attended or spoke, a heartfelt thanks, and we’re looking forward to doing this all again next year.

Upcoming WordCamps

D.C. chose to hold its first WordCamp in the middle of summer, but with the arrival of fall, WordCamp season along the East Coast is kicking into high gear. I’ll be speaking about the new CSS Grid specification at WordCamp Philadelphia—October 28-29—and attending WordCamp Rochester (NY) November 18. Other upcoming WordCamps in the region are:

And of course, the big one—WordCamp U.S.—will be in Nashville, Tennessee on December 1-2. We’ll be there (I’ve applied to speak and am waiting to hear back).

3 of the "Tracys" of WordPress

Looking Ahead to Fall

Now that fall is here, it’s time to get back into the groove. We’ve got some more great work lined up for fall, and I spent part of my summer vacation thinking about what kind of blog posts would be truly of value to you, our audience.

Got something your curious about? Confused about WordPress or web technology but didn’t know where to ask? Let me know, and I’ll consider it as a future blog post.

Until then, if you have a WordPress or website need, get in touch! Let’s solve your website problems together.

WordCamp D.C.

Taupecat Studios Is Sponsoring WordCamp D.C.!

Taupecat Studios is proud to announce that we are a micro-sponsor of the first ever WordCamp D.C., running from July 14 through 16, 2017 at the Carnegie Library in downtown Washington, D.C.

WordCamps are great community-lead conferences that focus on any and all things WordPress. Bringing together the top minds about a platform that powers more than a quarter of the Internet, WordCamp D.C. will be three days of intense content on development, design, content marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

Personally, I’m super-excited that this event is finally happening, and happy to be on the organizing team making the whole thing come together. We have an incredible line up of top-notch speakers coming to this event, both locally and from around the U.S. and Europe.

Tickets are only $60 and are now available. The only way we can make tickets so incredibly inexpensive is through the enormous generosity of sponsors, and to that end, we are still seeking a few more to help make this event the best it can possibly be.

I hope you’re looking forward to this event as much as I am, and I hope to see you at the Carnegie Library in July!

About WordCamp D.C.

For more information about WordCamp D.C., visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

A collage of photos from the Women in Tech Summit DC

Women in Tech Summit DC Round Up

Last week I attended the second annual Women in Tech Summit DC at the Washington Post Live facility. It was an incredible event full of networking, insights, and encouragement for women in DC’s terrific tech community. Being in a room with over two hundred other women in technology, like-minded yet from all differnet experiences and backgrounds, was an incredible experience.

Listening to such amazing speakers as Kelly Hoey and Elizabeth Lindsey, as well as a variety of panels on topics like being a woman tech entrepreneur (certainly timely for me) and staying a woman in tech gave me a lot of pearls of wisdom for me to digest as I reinvigorate my career as a brand-new agency owner. Here are a few of the best to share:

Kelly Hoey, Keynote Speaker and author of Build Your Dream Network

Networking consists of activity, relationships, and a starting point. It’s not just handing out business cards at a cocktail party; networking is “every single human interaction.”

Tiny micro-actions lead to big outcomes.

Your networking should be amphibious, consisting of both online and offline activity.

You need to be on social media, because even if you’re not on social media, you can’t make assumptions on where people are aggregating.

Especially when you’re trying to build your reputation as a technology expert, being quoted by traditional media is hugely powerful. Think to yourself, are you sharing your point of view?

Also, be sure to personalize your LinkedIn connection requests. Do the work for the people you’re trying to make connections with by reminding them where you met.

Think of what your goal is. What are you trying to achieve, and who are the people who can help you?

Finally, own your accomplishments. If you’ve done it, own it, and if someone compliments you on it, say “Thank you.” This is something I’ve heard before and taken to heart. So many times, women try and deflect credit for the things they’ve achieved, saying it wasn’t a big deal or they didn’t have a big part in it. But even if you were a part of the team, take credit for that work, along with passing credit to your teammates.

Staying a Woman in Tech and Tips, Tricks & Insights to Build Your Identity as a Technical Leader

These were great discussions with a few key pieces of advice:

Make yourself the technologist you want the industry to be. Awesome sentiment.

Every ninety days, do a passion check; check the pulse of your career and make sure you’re still on the path of doing what you love.

Ideas, Money, People: What We Learned as Female Entrepreneurs

One problem I have with the tech industry today is that entrepreneurship seems to be all about products, and not so much about agencies like the one I’ve started. Nevertheless, there were lessons to be learned here as well:

“More than the idea, people believe and support you.”

“Life unfolds in accordance with your bravery.”

“If you see a need, fill a need.”

Elizabeth Lindsey, Keynote Speaker

The final speaker was Elizabeth Lindsey of ByteBack, who showed a statistic that others had pointed out earlier in the day. Men apply for jobs when they have 60% of the qualifications; women apply when they have 100%. That says a lot about women and their confidence in finding work in the technology world. This is an eye-opener, but I see it in myself in the positions I’ve applied to throughout my career.

She also quoted Mindy Kaling: “Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled.” This comes back to something I’ve said in the past, own what you know. Don’t be afraid to take ownership of the things that you’re an expert on.

What have you accomplished? Get loud and proud.

Work in places who accept us for who we are.

These are the kinds of lessons I want to bring into Taupecat Studios. As I work to get this small agency off the ground, I’ll be looking for those opportunities to support the people I know are passionate about what they do, who can take ownership of their skills, and who will contribute to a shared goal. And all the while, I’ll know that there’s a great tech community, of both men and women, who’ll have my back along the way.